Erasi (pronounced Err-ra-psy, not Erase-ee) is one of the characters in Di'angelo. She is the main villain of the series.

Erasi Template February 2014
Biographical Information
Home: Chaos Dimension
Occupation: Villain
Species: Chimera
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Gray, Brown, Tan
Eye color: Red
Show Information
Voiced by: Eartha Kitt (presumed, cancelled), Jackie Burroughs (presumed, cancelled), TBA
First appearance: "The Beginning Part 1"
Latest appearance: "The Beginning Part 1"

Description on Di'angelo.comEdit

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Connection to Ancient HistoryEdit

It is stated in an episode that her and Ace were born at the same time, the same day, the same year. From there, they were bitter enemies, fighting forever, Erasi, always attempting to kill Ace at some point and Ace trying to stop her from destroying Utopia as a whole. It is still not known how old the both of them are, as they both keep lying, but it's assumed they're as old as time itself. In one of the history books Domino owns, it shows Erasi and Ace in battle (drawn in Chinese paintings, which mean the picture has some age to it). 


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Personal InfoEdit



  • Rigbybestie wanted to have Eartha Kitt and Jackie Burroughs as the voice for Erasi, but both are deceased. She is currently trying to find someone with a similar voice.
  • An ex-head writer for Di'angelo wanted to kill her off in the full-hour special "King of Everything", but because she's Rigbybestie's favorite villain, she cancelled that idea.
  • Erasi's name is a broken anagram of Chimeras. (ChImERAS and the I from the front of the M is put at the end). Further basis of the name is that it is an anagram of Eris, which explains her choatic and destructive personality. 


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