Iris is one of the major characters in Di'angelo. She is the oldest of her four sisters, Dazzling Dream, Shooting Star, Enchanting Beauty, and Glitters.

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Biographical Information
Home: Equine Estates
Occupation: Helper on Sandie's Farm
Species: Unicorn/Horse Stuffed Animal
Gender: Female
Hair color: White/Pink
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Voiced by: TBA
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "Pilot"

Di' DescriptionEdit

Iris is a great big help on Sandie's farm! On her off time, she likes hanging out with Di'angelo! Although she looks like a pony, she's really a Unicorn/Horse hybrid!


Iris has a calm and shy personality. She usually prefers to stay by herself or with Di'angelo or Hudson. Her younger sisters usually tease her because they feel like the look better, dress better, act better, and generally ARE better than her. Iris, unlike other Unicorns doesn't believe appearance and money matter over everything, but friendship and caring for others. Iris is also ridiculed for being friends with a dog (Di'angelo), though the other Equines, including her sisters are secretly friends with him (as Sir Trottingham, of course). Her and Hudson seem to be distant sometimes, as Iris wishes Hudson would embrace being a pony, while he believes he's racehorse material (though ponies aren't allowed to race). Another thing Iris is teased about is her noticeable lisp when she speaks, which usually causes her tongue to stick out when talking. It's also because of this, they call her a "dog pony".




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Iris is a Unicorn/Horse hybrid with white fur, a pink mane and tail, blue eyes, fuchsia horn, pink tassles of long, fluffy fur around her medium pink hooves, and short, stout body with short legs.



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